Energy from Waste Heat

With the SteamDrive products, energy contained in the exhaust heat of combustion engines and industrial drive systems is not wasted but sustainably preserved and reused. In this way the SteamDrive GmbH makes a contribution to the energy transition. 

Apart from their ecological benefit of generating energy without CO2 emissions, the products of the SteamDrive GmbH also offer economic advantages by cutting down on energy consumption. 

Both in stationary drives and in vehicles and ships, energy consumption and exhaust emissions can be reduced. Other applications are combined cycle power stations, harvesting and agricultural machines, stone crushers or test benches. 

The SteamDrive GmbH waste heat recovery systems can be used in the oil and gas industry, the steel industry and other industrial applications. 

At present, the SteamDrive GmbH offers its products primarily to the manufacturers and retrofitters of biogas plants and combustion engines. All relevant service and maintenance activities are carried out in cooperation with our customers and partners.